Mashhad botanical Garden :

Mashhad botanical Garden

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Mashhad botanical Garden

Mashhad Garden
"Mashhad Garden" tourist and botanical recreation complex is one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist spaces in Razavi Khorasan Province. Mashhad Garden is the largest tourist garden in the east of the country and is considered among the tourist, recreational and botanical attractions of Mashhad and among the scenic parks of Mashhad. Mashhad garden complex is designed in the form of several plant collections in an area of ​​29 hectares and in beautiful architectural, botanical and recreational formats. Travelers, pilgrims of Imam Reza (a.s.), tourists and citizens of Mashhad can have fun and walk in a safe and exclusive space in the recreation and tourism complex of Mashhad Garden and use the entertainment and services inside the garden.
Everything about Mashhad garden:
Where is Mashhad garden complex?
Mashhad Garden, with an area of ​​29 hectares, is one of the tourist destinations and places of interest in Razavi Khorasan province, which is located on Jumoori Blvd., between Moghadam Square and Ghadir Bridge. This place is known as the airport boulevard among Mashhad residents.
Address: Razavi Khorasan Province, Mashhad, Jomohri Blvd., between the intersection of Moghadam and Ghadir Bridge
The access route to Mashhad Garden's botanical and tourism recreation complex
You can use the subway or a private car to access Mashhad Garden Complex. If you use the metro to reach Mashhad Garden, it is good to know that Metro Line 1 (Vakil Abad to the Airport) will take you to Mashhad Garden. If you use the metro, get off at one of the Ghadir or Parvin Etisami stations. To get to Bagh from Ghadir station, you need to walk a little along the Basij highway. From the 9th Parvin Etisami station, you can go south and enter the Islamic Republic Boulevard to reach Mashhad Garden Complex.
Bagh Mashhad by private car
 If you intend to go to Bagh from the north side of Mashhad using a private car, you can enter the Basij (Ghadir) highway through the highway and enter the Islamic Republic Boulevard a little before the end of the highway. Also, if you are coming from the west of Mashhad, go to Shahid Kalantari highway through Azadi highway. After entering the Shahid Kalantari Highway, drive forward at the exit of Sooreh St. and upon reaching the intersection of Jomouri Blvd., turn right until you reach the garden.
Access to the Botanical Garden of Mashhad from Imam Reza's Shrine
Due to the settlement of most of the pilgrims of Mashhad around the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS), we will check the route from the shrine to the garden of Mashhad from the beginning of the shrine.
First route:
Go to Haram Motahar bus station at the beginning of Tabarsi Street and take the BRT line (Imam Reza Terminal - Tabarsi Terminal). After 4 stops, get off the bus at the Panzdeh Khordad station and go to the first bus stop. Wait for line 61 (Shahrek Shirin-Ghebanal Terminal) and take it to Parvin Etisami intersection station. After walking for 500 meters, you will reach Mashhad Garden.
 The second path:
On Imam Reza street, take the BRT line (Imam Reza station - Haram Motahar) at the station after Bait al-Maqdis Square and get off at station 15 of Khordad square. From the beginning of Jomouri-e-Islami street, take route 61 and go to Parvin Etsami intersection. From there, walk about 500 meters to Bagh Mashhad.
Access to Mashhad Garden from Mashhad Airport
Bagh Mashhad is not far from Shahid Hasheminejad Airport. In fact, Mashhad Garden is located on a boulevard known as the airport boulevard. For this reason, Mashhad Garden may be the first or last place you want to visit in Mashhad.

Metro route from the airport to Bagh Mashhad
Take the metro at the airport station and get off at the Ghadir station. Walk about 900 meters to Mashhad Garden.
Metro + bus route from the airport to Bagh Mashhad
Enter the metro station at the airport hall and go to the next station (Rehane Park). After exiting the metro station, go to Meydan Faraz bus station and get on line 78 (Islamic Revolution Terminal - Asgaria Township). After passing 2 stations, you will reach Islamic Republic 34. From there, walk 300 meters to Bagh Mashhad.
Introducing the Mashhad garden tourism entertainment complex
Mashhad Garden was opened as one of the tourist attractions of Mashhad on June 22, 1392. This complex has 44,776 square meters of grass, 14,950 trees and shrubs, 12,300 square meters of hedges, 25,252 square meters of permanent flowers, 9,500 square meters of seasonal flowers and 68,200 square meters of walkways. The construction period of the complex was 1.5 years with a cost of 15 billion Tomans. 42 contractors and 450 workers participated in this project.
Facilities and entertainments of the Mashhad Garden tourism entertainment complex
In addition to collections and many related departments, this complex also has other recreational and comfort facilities.
Waterfalls and ponds:
Fishing in Mashhad garden fishing pond
There are three waterfalls and ponds in the complex, which have a suitable capacity for photography and make the gardens more natural and attractive. Two of these ponds have their own characteristics:
Ornamental fish pond: In this pond, tourists can feed carp, amur and red fish and enjoy this lovely experience. Children are fond of this beautiful pond in Mashhad garden.
Fishing pond: Citizens and tourists can go fishing in the Mashhad Garden fishing pond with the lancers provided by the complex. It is also possible to cook fish in the same place and eat it.

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